Dear Families,


Firstly we would like to thank you all for your support through this time. It is a very unique time at the moment and something that no one has been through before. We understand we have had to make changes and we thank families for standing by us and supporting one another.


Over the last weeks, our dedicated Educators have been working to continue to provide a fun filled learning environment for the children who are attending and for families who are choosing to keep their children at home during this unprecedented time. We understand why some families have chosen to self-isolate and understand that they still want their children learning and further developing their skills. With this in Mind our dedicated team of Educators have been working tirelessly and in their own time to add the programs and experiences online, modifying them where necessary for you to continue and further to develop their learning.



The Lizards children have been continuing with their projects and current interests, including their School readiness program, which consists of fine motor skills, pre writing and writing skills, language and communication skills, concentrations skills, counting and letter recognition skills, cognitive skills and social interaction skills.  Letter of the week, Cutting skills and letter recognition. As well as celebrating some cultural and festival celebrations at this time such as Easter, ANZAC day etc.

The children have been focusing on Letters of the Alphabet focusing on a letter a week and a number of activities that link to the letter including flash cards, games, dancing, cutting activities and painting.


The Kangaroo Children have also been following on with their projects, leaning about the world around them as well as things that are interests to them such as Mythical creates, Letters, Shapes, and numbers, As well as celebrating some cultural and festival celebrations at this time such as Easter, ANZAC day etc
















The Koala Children have been focusing in Traffic safety, learning about people in the community who help us and how they help us, Sea creatures as well as further developing their sense of self and inter-dependency skills, such as packing away, putting on our shoes and socks, working on our toilet training skills,  our self dressing skills etc.  



















The Platypus children have also been focusing on Easter celebrations, focusing on learning about different types on animals, where they live in the world and the different types of landscapes that they live in.

We have also been focusing on further developing a number of different skills including self help skills for example washing our hands before mealtimes, wiping our faces after mealtimes and scraping our plates after meals. For our younger children we have been focusing on further developing their gross motor skills for crawling, sitting, pulling themselves up, and getting themselves down, holding our bottles, self-settling for sleep/rest time.


























The festival and celebrations are still occurring, even if sadly families cannot attend, and we understand families love to attend our functions and we can’t wait for them to resume, but in the meantime we have been documenting these and sending them to families in attendance where possible. Where possible the children/festival was/ is filmed and sent to families in attendance on the day. For example, the Easter Hat Parade.














During this time, the team at PlaySafeLearning have been working with children and families and have been and will continue to make things for the celebrations that have occurred (Easter, ANZAC) or will be occurring  (Mother’s Day etc) and will be sending home gifts and arts where possible.


Thank you again for your support


PlaySafeLearning Team