PlaySafeLearning have extracurricular activities at no extra cost – which complement academic learning to mould children into well-rounded individuals.

At PlaySafeLearning our Educators know that extracurricular activity are important for our children’s development. With this in mind PlaySafeLearning offers extracurricular activity such as Sports and Dance programs, ELLA Language program,  excursions to the local library and local community, and incursions where we extend on children’s learning and interest by inviting people into the centre to help us learn, grow and develop.  

Early Childhood Education is more than just child-minding or even learning the alphabet, counting, and recognising colours. We understand these skills are important, but a holistic education means an investment in a more fruitful future with benefits that last a lifetime.


In sports like basketball and football, children learn how to work well in a team, how to strategies, and also build endurance. Every sport has something good to offer your child, whether they are played in teams or individually. Sports are great for competitive children.


This is another activity that teaches children about culture if they opt for the more classical genres of dance. Dance is something that will help your child develop physically and mentally, as most forms of dance require discipline and endurance

Kids Playing Soccer
Group of children doing gymnastic exerci


Learning a new language always proves useful. Children are exposed to new cultures and it is easier for them to pick up the language better than adults. A new language will broaden your child’s mind.


There are quite a few benefits to this, as cooking food is something that will help children develop focus, creativity and also teach them useful skills like how to handle sharp knives. It also teaches them about different ingredients and how to prepare healthy and balanced meals, all with the company of others their age.