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The PlaySafeLearning curriculum immerses every child in a world of creative and cognitive play with an emphasis on the development of physical, verbal and emotional skills. With a dedicated Sports and Dance program focusing on fine and gross motor skills, as well as the renowned Reading Eggs, Maths Seeds and ELLA language programs, our Pre-School routine and curriculum welcomes children of all ages and helps to support the mental health and social development of each child.


At PlaySafeLearning, we welcome every child as a very special and important member of our family. Our highly experienced and cutting edge Educators are continuously at the forefront of the education industry and bring a wealth of knowledge to the development of your children into life long learners. 


We would be honoured for you to join our family in providing your little ones with the very best start in life. With our free trial, why not come and see for yourself!

PlaySafeLearnig Free iPad with evey new enrolment

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