We value the great benefit to children when parents and teaching teams work together as a collaborative team. we therefore place great emphasis on developing an active partnership with our parents, based on mutual respect, open communication and shared decisions in relation to their child. Parents are welcome to spend time in our centres and partake in our exciting calendar of events which include Christmas parties, family barbeques, graduation ceremonies, sports days and community excursions. There are also many opportunities to volunteer your time and special skills through parent-lead activities throughout the year.

By forging strong community ties, we enable our children to develop a deep sense of belonging and connection to the world around them, construct an understanding of how society works, and begin to recognise and respect the shared values that unite us. We achieve these important objectives by immersing our children in a wide range of community initiative including local excursions, participating in and contributing to community events as well as inviting community members and organisations into our centres on a regular basis. Importantly, we recognise, celebrate and embrace cultural diversity and inclusion, and actively acknowledge and honour our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the custodians of our land. Underpinning our curriculum of equity, integrity and respect are purposeful learning experience that embrace the Indigenous culture, as well as the exploration of other various cultural viewpoints and practices.


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