School readiness" is a term often used to describe how ready children are socially, physically, and intellectually to start kindergarten. 

Our centre offers an extensive School Readiness Curriculum for our 4-5 year old children. The PlaySafeLearning's School Readiness Curriculum is based on the framework developed and implemented by our Early Childhood Teacher, and you can keep up to date with your childs development with our monthly School Readiness Newsletter. you can see an example here 

School readiness makes the transition to school a much easier time for your child and family and gives students a strong foundation on which to build their educational future.


A child's preschool year is a very important year in their development as it prepares them for transition to primary school. Primary schools are challenging places for young children. A school age child is expected to co-operate with others, share equipment, follow rules, take turns and be considerate of others. They must learn to take care of themselves and their belongings, and to keep themselves safe. At school, your child will be motivated to use new words, to express themselves with words, music and paint, and to listen to and comment on stories and ideas.


Here at PlaySafeLearning we have an Amazing Early Childhood trained teacher who teachers our preschool class.  Our Preschool teacher incorporates her School Readiness programme with her child lead programme. The programme is fun and interactive and invokes thought, discovery, imagination, hypothesizing, exploring, exploration, awareness, and insight into the world around them.

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